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The 4th International Conference on

Emerging Trends in Electrical, Electronic and Communications Engineering
Special Sessions

Organisers: Zoran Bojkovic and Dragorad Milovanovic


New technologies are providing diverse multimedia applications witch increasingly become a part of daily life. However, the potential of 5G broadband for the delivery of multimedia content and services to large audiences is unknown. The 5G generation of mobile technology has potential to address the demands and business context of 2020. and beyond. The achievements of ambitious goals concerning 5G is aimed by number technology components such as large-scale MIMO, mmWave, heterogeneous dense and cloud radio networks, and network slicing. The green communication is an urgent need, also.

The research challenges are emerging from outlined characteristics of multimedia communications in 5G wireless systems. Solicited topics include but are not limited to:
•       Key technologies (non-orthogonal multiple access NOMA, SDN)
•       Network slicing-based 5G systems
•       Network slicing optimization and design challenges
•       Device positioning in dense 5G networks
•       Cloud computing in the 5G environment
•       Broadcast and multicast multimedia communication enablers in 5G
•       Advances in network services chain ensuring QoS/QoE
•       Multimedia operating over the 5G environment
•       Coding and compression multimedia data
•       Green communications (concepts and challenges)
•       Sustainable green networking and computing in 5G systems
•       Security and privacy in novel 5G applications

Evolution of 5G mobile broadband technology and multimedia services framework

by Dragorad Milovanovic, Zoran Bojkovic and Vladan Pantovic

ppt | Audio narration

5G connectivity technologies for the IoT:Research and development challenges 

by Zoran Bojkovic and Dragorad Milovanovic

ppt | Audio narration

5G ultra reliable and low-latency communication: Fundamental aspects and key enabling technologies

by Dragorad Milovanovic and Zoran Bojkovic

ppt | Audio narration

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